I quit Social Media for a week! Here’s what happened

I have been a social media worm since I got my first mobile.

My day would start and end with social media only. It has become an important part of my life. But, lately I realised that social media is making my negative and unhealthy.

Then, I decided to stop using social media.It was really difficult for me and that’s why I thought to try a week without social media to know how it feels.

Here are the observations I made:

1. I wasted less time

Since I was spending a lot of time on social media everyday, it saved me a lot of me. I invested that extra time on learning a new skill.

2. I was not comparing

Social media always made me compare my life with others from breakfast to dinner, everything.Because of this comparison, I was never a happy person, but since I stopped using social media, I felt more Positivity.

3. My attention span increased

With social media, my attention span was quite less. I was not able to focus on something for a long time, but after quiting social media, I started focusing more on things around me which I would have never noticed.

4. I utilized my time for something productive

From spending 3 hours+ a day on social media to not using social media, I changed my schedule a lot and that helped me utilize my time for something more productive.

5. I loved the feeling

I don't know why or how, but I started feeling better after quiting social media for a week.

So, these was my experience after quiting social media for a week. I think I should extend the period more as it improved my life a lot.

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About the Author

Biswajit Das is a teenage blogger who loves to write about Positivity, Productivity and Happiness. You can check out his blog here.

I am teenage blogger who loves to write about happiness, productivity and self-improvement. Check out my blog to get motivated and inspired.